A non-exhaustive showcase of my projects — you can find more on my GitHub!

  • Notedag

    tree-like jupyter notebook alternative

    Custom front-end for tree-style notebooks with Rust backend for handling the IPC with the Jupyter kernel (an unusual choice to practice Rust). Code execution is functional with basic support for HTML outputs, but the project is paused for now since I no longer have a need to add more quality-of-life features.
  • Loci

    online whiteboard

    A whiteboarding web-app. This project won Bronze Award in the Student Category of the Singapore Techblazer Awards 2021.
  • Deal

    text-based slides with markdown/tex

    Text-based slides. I used this in 2020-2021 to complete class presentations and prepare training materials for my high school's Chemistry Olympiad training programme. Since it was relegated to personal usage, I never fully documented all the available features though it's very much usable.
  • Discord Tofu

    discord (chat)bot in Go

    Discord bot collaboration with my friend Wern. Mostly developed in Go, on top of serving some simple bot commmands, it automatically identifies questions and generates an 8-ball style response using some NLP code in Python (some cool unix IPC stuff were used for the interfacing).
  • AppVenture Website

    NUS High’s CS Interest Group Website

    New website for NUS High's CS Interest Group built with Gridsome
  • youtube-pl

    CLI Client for Youtube

    Listen to music in the terminal! I wrote most of this in Python over a couple of days and used it actively for a while in 2020 and 2021.
  • Seer

    e-proctoring system

    E-proctoring system using WebRTC. This project was a finalist in the Student Category of the Singapore Techblazer Awards 2020.
  • TLDR: News Reader and Summarizer

    cluster and summarize similar articles

    NLP class project written in Python. Probably made redundant by ChatGPT.