Welcome, traveller! 👋

I’m Yue Chen1 / YC. I also go by lyc, yuecli, and cyclic online (nonexhaustive).

I’m a sophomore2 studying a mixture of Computer Science, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, and Mathematics at MIT, where I’m researching on verified compilers in Coq under Prof. Adam Chlipala in the MIT Programming Languages & Verification Group.

I previously built molecular dynamics systems and experimented with graph neural network architectures as an intern at Genesis Therapeutics from Summer 2023 to Fall 2023. Before that, I’ve worked on indexing blockchains at Gomu and created a real-time collaborative online whiteboard app Loci with my good friend Wern at Tofu Apps.

In a past life, I pursued Informatics and Chemistry olympiads, researched on parallel SAT solvers [DOI] [PDF] and Parrondo’s Paradox, and built websites and robots at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science on the sunny island of Singapore.

Besides coding3, I like to juggle4, draw, play the drums & harmonica, breakdance, learn languages5, listen to copious amounts of music, read books & manga, hike, and travel.

Man is condemned to be free — Jean-Paul Sartre

  1. my first name has 2 words, and ‘Yue’ is pronounced /ye/ (/juːˈeɪ/ gets you pretty close) ↩︎

  2. american-speak for 2nd-year undergraduate student ↩︎

  3. not really in any particular order, and certainly not all at once ↩︎

  4. proud to share that my arsenal now includes diabolos, balls, and clubs ↩︎

  5. speak to me in English, Chinese, and (will do my best) German! ↩︎